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Police Oral Board Interview

The police oral board is how to become a police officer. The police interview goes by several names: police oral board, police oral exam, police oral

interview, and law enforcement oral board interview. The oral board is your gateway to how to get hired as a police officer.

Win Your Badge is the only video learning system for the police oral board. This is your advantage going into compete against others in the police hiring process. There may only be a handful of law enforcement employment opportunities for many candidates. Take control of your law enforcement future.

Thanks to Win Your Badge I was able to move to the top of the hiring list. It wasn’t until I logged into the site that I found out the do’s and don’ts of a police interview. Not to say that some thing’s I would say were wrong, it’s just a certain style of interviewing that you learn through Win Your Badge that’ll get you that 2nd interview and considered for hire. I was able to ask Detective Cory questions before my interview, he responded rapidly, and his advice worked. With Win Your Badge that nervous feeling of the unknown went away because the techniques I learned are bulletproof!

- Tyre R., New Jersey

I successfully completed the oral board. A Lieutenant told me that I had been the best prepared candidate he’d interviewed. This was an extremely long and competitive list of hundreds of candidates. A perfect score! I’m so glad I purchased your program. Thank you for helping achieve a dream. I eagerly look forward to a career in law enforcement.

- Daniel G., Police Officer, Washington

Detective, great videos! I especially like your focus on preparation and presentation. It made it clear how to make a great impression at the oral board.

- Jason C., Police Officer, Oklahoma

When switching agencies I needed to trust I would be hired at the agency of my choice. This system gives you that comfort and security. After using the techniques you know you have the advantage.

- T.S., Police Officer, former L.A.P.D.

We moved to a new area and I needed the comfort of knowing I could get hired where I wanted. This system gave me that. Thanks.

- Sara B., Police Applicant, Virginia

Law Enforcement Employment

Dear Law Enforcement Candidate,

If you have always wanted to know, how to become a police officer, this is it. If there was a way for you to benefit by getting a firsthand look at what police oral boards will ask, would you? Of course. It would be vital to boost your chances towards earning your law enforcement career and a spot in a police academy. If you are looking at a law enforcement career as a police officer, corrections officer, sheriff, FBI agent, Secret Service agent, or Border Patrol agent, this product is the key to that door. Here is your chance, if you are serious, to win your badge. The police oral board is the most challenging and subjective part of any police hiring process. I have seen many qualified applicants have their hopes dashed by the oral board. The police hiring process will start all over again for these candidates. The police oral board makes the most confident nervous, fails the unprepared, and disqualifies even the most qualified. In fact, the best-qualified candidates often don’t make it past the police oral board. Why? Candidates will face a series of grueling oral board questions that could be answered a number of ways. Not knowing the right answer the police oral board is looking for will categorically eliminate you.
Proven results on how to answer the toughest POLICE ORAL BOARD QUESTIONS with effective and meaningful answers.
I have produced the only police oral board strategy video that shows you how to become a police officer. It is easy to pass your oral board. Why police oral board videos? Video learning is one of the most effective tools in retaining information. It is a multi-sensory approach that will allow you to learn the material so you can quickly apply it. Here is a look at what is covered:
I can't believe how easy it all is once you know the secrets. The results were powerful and the results were exactly what I wanted.
– Pat B., Police Applicant, Missouri
Not only is the police oral board tough, the competition is fierce. The oral boards will produce the greatest movement on police department hiring lists and final ranking of candidates. It will also eliminate the most candidates from the hiring process and a spot in a police academy. The police oral board is the point in any police hiring process where you either win your badge or are asked to go through the process again. In a federal government study on the hiring and retention of police officers, they noted:

Do you have the time and resources to wait for a second chance? Here is some raw data from a large Midwestern police department on their hiring projections:

Numbers and projections for hiring officers:
Recruit officer applicants processed 511 460 500 500
Recruit officers hired 31 47 40 45
Percentage of applicants actually hired 6% 10% 8% 9%

These hiring numbers are much more favorable than those agencies that will only hire one or two positions. Do not let these numbers discourage you; OTHERS ARE NOT PREPARED! Take my strategy into your first, or next, police oral board, and you will win your badge. The Law Enforcement Oral Board Interview is how to become a police officer and an investment in your law enforcement career.

If you're not practicing, somebody else is, somewhere, and he'll be ready to take your job.
– Brooks Robinson, Baseball Hall of Fame
Confident police oral board interviewees all have one thing in common…preparation. Others you will be directly competing with will be studying. Will you be prepared? Are you studying the correct material? If you are serious about a law enforcement career, these are the videos for you. I have incorporated all my knowledge of effective police oral board tips, strategies, and techniques into a series of professionally produced videos. As a police recruiter, I have spoken with many candidates at different stages of the police hiring process. I have shown them how to improve their resume and oral board interview skills. As a law enforcement professional certified in panel interviews, I will show you what the police oral boards are looking for and how you will be graded.
Do not get eliminated because you made a small mistake. Seize the advantage of knowing where the hidden pitfalls are in the POLICE ORAL BOARD INTERVIEW.
One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.
– Arthur Ashe, Tennis Legend

Police oral board preparation is paramount. My system will demonstrate how to build on strengths of your experience and expertise. You will be prepared to answer the multi-faceted police oral board questions asked in your interview. Learn what police oral board answers are loved and those that are loathed by interviewers and law enforcement professionals. Practice using our oral board practice sessions. Know what will set yourself apart and demonstrate your abilities, qualifications, and professionalism during the interview. Get a head start on the law enforcement career you have always wanted.

It was exciting to see the results. My answers were better articulated and improved because of the video. I loved knowing the insider secrets and getting a first hand look behind the scenes.
– Scott B., Police Applicant, Missouri
This is a professionally produced series of videos for maximum impact and effective delivery of police oral board content. These videos were formulated to hold your attention. The videos will not bore you with cheap slides and juvenile graphics. These videos deliver highest retention of subject matter by seeing, hearing, reading, and reviewing police oral board questions, police oral board answers, and police oral board strategy.