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The police interview is how to become a police officer.  The police interview, know as the police oral board, is the path to any law enforcement career.  This is because the oral board is the toughest and most subjective portion of any police hiring process. There are proven ways to excel and even easier ways to fail.  Learn the secrets, know the strategies, make your law enforcement career a reality.

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Tyler passed his oral board with top scores and dreamed of starting in the next police academy.  He had one last interview left, his interview with the current acting Chief of Police.  Tyler failed to prepare for this last interview the way he had for the oral board.  He, admittedly, assumed he already knew all the information.  Tyler went to his Chief’s interview which included two Captains that were in full class A uniforms.  Tyler said he became so nervous he “locked up” and failed to get the appointment to the academy.  These type of errors are easily avoided and in Tyler’s case he had already prepared diligently for the oral board, but neglected to do the same for the Chief’s interview.

I get a bunch of questions on email and Twitter about the Chief interviews, Sheriff interviews, and command staff interviews.  Often they are just as harrowing at the oral board itself.  You have to approach these interviews with just as much preparation.  These interviews are where you will get the stamp of approval to move on to the academy or join the ranks of their department.

Oral boards are comprised of department members who are familiar with any given agency’s mission statements, values, beliefs, and philosophies.  All of the aforementioned items are designed and crafted by Chiefs, Sheriffs, and the input of their command staffs.  It is just as important, if not more, to know the agency.  Have your answers ready, continue your review and practice sessions.  You should be a more polished interview by now with an oral board under your belt.

Here are two chief interview questions to help you continue your preparations.  You will notice they will often be identical to other oral board questions. That alone should relieve some anxiety.

  1. What have you done since you applied to prepare yourself for this position?
  2. What are three character traits you think an officer must have?  Do you have these?

Preparing for the any chief’s interview panel is the same as the police oral board.  It is preparation for a panel interview.  Continue to use the solid fundamentals from Win Your Badge as you progress through the police hiring process.  An exciting police career is just around the corner.

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